Questions and answers

H&F Council wants its tenants and leaseholders to have more control over decisions that affect their homes.  In the past, decisions to redevelop council homes have sometimes left residents feeling that they’ve had no say.  We want to make sure this can’t happen in future.

The council set up the H&F Residents’ Commission on Council Housing in December 2014 to consider the options for residents to take greater control over their homes and for maximising investment in existing and new council homes.   The commission was independent of the council and the majority of its members were council tenants and leaseholders.   All three members of DCHU were also members of the commission.

The commission made a number of recommendations to the council’s cabinet in 2015.  These were accepted by the council but could not be implemented following a change in policy by central government towards the financing of social housing in 2016.

The council remained committed to its pledge — so in 2017 it set up the Defend Council Homes Unit to look at new ways of safeguarding the homes of council tenants and leaseholders.