You can find a good discussion on the pros and cons of estate regeneration and ways of protecting residents’ interests in the Mayor of London’s Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration.

Good practice guide

SAFEGUARDING MEANS we are looking to find a way to ensure that the ownership of council homes can’t be transferred to a third party unless the residents affected give their informed consent.  Both in H&F and more widely, there are examples of schemes where redevelopment has gone ahead without sufficient safeguards for the position of the tenants and leaseholders affected and without proper consultation.

Housing transfer to a resident-controlled ‘community gateway’ housing association as recommended by the former H&F Residents’ Housing Commission, would have put safeguarding in the hands of residents themselves.  But a housing transfer of that sort can’t go ahead for the foreseeable future, which means that the DCHU is reviewing other ways of protecting residents’ homes and their interests.

At the same time that DCHU was carrying out its work, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, established a task force to look at how to encourage good practice in estate regeneration in London — and especially how affected residents should be consulted and informed.  The resulting report is both a guide to how to do better regeneration and a policy document by the Mayor of London setting out when he will approve the use of his housing funds to support such schemes.