What we do

THE H&F RESIDENTS’ HOUSING COMMISSION was set up in December 2014 to consider the options for empowering residents to take local control over their homes and for maximising investment in existing and new council homes.  The commission was established independently of the council and the majority of its members were council tenants and leaseholders.

After a series of public hearings and evidence sessions through 2015, the commission submitted its report to a Cabinet meeting in December 2015.  The report recommended that the council transfer the ownership of its housing stock to an independent community gateway housing association.

Although the cabinet approved the commission’s recommendations, a change in government policy — which had previously offered financial support to housing transfers — meant that the government was no longer prepared to write off the council's housing debt to enable a stock transfer to happen.

The council's goal remains to deliver its earlier commitment to protect council homes — but it must now consider alternative ways of doing so.  Therefore, the Defend Council Homes Unit has been created to look at how to safeguard the position of council tenants and leaseholders.

DCHU does not have the power to take or implement any decisions.  Both as landlord and as the housing authority the council – in consultation with residents – will decide what, if anything, to implement.  As DCHU we have the time, space and expertise to explore some complex issues around safeguarding homes and to make recommendations to H&F Council.

In January 2018, DCHU brought together its proposals for new safeguards for residents of Hammersmith & Fulham who live in council homes.  You can read the report on the council’s website or at this link [PDF].  Further details about the proposals are set out in the questions and answers tab of our website.